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Welcome to Laurie's Page

Laurie Landy

Laurie Landy

As you know Special Strides ( has been a life passion. Its a combination of my love of helping others and the horses/ farm! I wear many hats , Occupational Therapist, HR, Founder, Board Member and now Development Officer.

I have an amazing team that has put together this online platform for the Extreme Strides Challenge on April 13th to generate funds for those with life challenges. Approximately 400 teens from the local area are joining together at the farm to celebrate our efforts and hopefully lots of $$$$ and participating in AN EXTREME OBSTACLE COURSE.
I am so excited and I hope you will join my efforts and we make this EXTRAORDINARY!

Together we can help individuals overcome obstacles!

With gratitude, Laurie


raised of $5,000 goal

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Proud to be an Inflatables Sponsor for this worthwhile cause!
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Thank you for all the amazing work you and Special Strides does for our family and community!
4. STSteve Talmud
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